Best Quiet Magnetic Rowing Machines Under $500 (2023 Reviews)

If you’ve got sleeping kids, share a wall with your neighbors, or a partner reading a book in the next room, you don’t want to disturb anyone with the sound of your rowing machine. But sometimes, there just isn’t a better time to workout! You count on those late nights and early mornings. That’s YOUR time. So if you’re looking to get a quiet workout, you need a quiet rowing machine. You’re in luck. I found the best silent rowing machines under $500 and want to share them with you.

ManufacturerFolded DimensionsMaterialWeight CapacityWarranty
SF-RW5515Sunny Health and Fittness43.3L X 18.9W X 52.4H InSteel250 lb3 Year Structural Frame, 180 Days Other Parts And Components
Dual Function Rowing Machine Multi-RowerSunny Health and Fittness32L X 21W X 49.5H InSteel275 lb3 Year Structural Frame, 180 Days Other Parts And Components
Magnetic Rowing Machine Synergy Power Motion RowerSunny Health and Fittness36.3L X 23W X 47H InSteel285 lb3 Year Structural Frame, 180 Days Other Parts And Components
Magnetic Rower Rowing MachineECHANFIT40.00L X 19.29W X 46.06HAlloy Steel350 lb12 Month
MERACH Bluetooth Magnetic Rower MachineMARACHNOT FOLDABLE, Dimension: 65″D x 19.3″W x 24.8″HAlloy Steel/Aluminum350 lb12 Month
YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing MachineYOSUDA46.5″D x 27″W x 8.25″HAlloy Steel350 LB12 Month

What is a quiet rowing machine?

When I talk about a quiet rowing machine, I mean it doesn’t produce a loud whooshing, whirling, swashing, or rattling sound when it’s being operated. As a father of 3, I know the world doesn’t stop for your workout. I’ve got to workout without waking the kids.

Some rowing machines are quieter than others. This usually has to do with the resistance type, whether it uses a chain or belt, and the sturdiness and durability of the machine.

What row machine resistance is the most quiet?

There are four main types of rowing machine resistance – Air, Hydraulic, Magnetic, and Water. Recently, Air-Magnetic have become more popular due to their ability to add resistance on top of the resistance provided from air.


These machines get their resistance from a flywheel fan. When the handle is engaged. The fan spins. The greater the velocity which the handle is pulled, faster the fan flywheel spins. This fan creates wind, which acts as resistance. Basically, the harder you row, the harder it becomes. The idea of progressive resistance based on velocity is know as variable resistance.

The strong resistance level makes it the rowing machine of choice for athletes, crossfit, and Olympic rowers.

If you could imagine a large fan spinning faster and faster, you can also imagine it’s not that quiet. There are a lot of things that a Air Rowing machine is – silent is not.

For that reason, air rowers are considered the loudest rowing machine.


Water resistance is kind of like air resistance, except the fan is suspended in water like a propeller. Water rowing machines also rely on variable resistance – the harder the handle is pulled the faster the underwater paddles spin.

As you probably guessed, the sound of water being swished around in circles is not quiet, although they sound a little cool.


Hydraulic rowing machines rely on a piston, usually two that occupy each arm of the rower. Yes, hydraulic rowing machines use arms instead of a handle and chain/belt. Resistance is usually controlled by a knob, which increases the resistance applied to each piston.

Have I said piston enough? Well – these machines are pretty quiet, depending on how well lubricated the piston is. I’d say the hydraulic rowing machine is tied for quiet rowing machines with magnetic. They’re extremely affordable to boot.

I reviewed some hydraulic rowers here: article link


Magnetic rowing machines are the most quiet. Why? Well there is no friction created by the rowing mechanism. When the handle is pulled, a metal flywheel spins. A magnet, relative to how close it sits near the flywheel controls the resistance. The closer the magnet, the more the resistance.

Most people who like to row while at home and do not want to disturb others, go with quiet magnetic rowers, that’s why I’ve included them in this review.

Types of resistance ranked by noise

To summarized, ranked from loudest to quietest we have


The Downside of Magnetic Rowers

The potential downside of a magnetic rower is that it may not provide enough resistance at high levels of intensity. There is virtually no limit to how much resistance an air rower produces, because it is dictated by variable resistance. Alternatively, magnetic rowers are only as strong as the magnet. They also don’t have that “authentic” feel of a row machine, variable resistance being such a big part of that.

The cost of an average rowing machine
Rowing machines have a wide range of costs. You can get a hydraulic rowing machine for under $100 (link) and spend upwards of $2500.

Magnetic machines are positioned relatively inexpensive compared to air and water, but are still well respected as quality rowing machines. That’s why I think it’s worth it to showcase, what I believe are the best and most quiet magnetic rowing machines under $500.


The Best Quiet Magnetic Rowing Machines

Here are my choices for the best affordable silent magnetic rowing machines. If you’re interested in more rowing options, check out this article where I break down the best rowing machines under $500.

SF-RW5515. Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower (Sunny Health and Fitness)

Sunny Health and Fitness are known for creating some of the highest quality cardio fitness equipment available. They are perhaps most known for their industry leading rowing machines. From commercial gyms, to home gyms, you’ll find Sunny Health and Fitness equipment nearly everywhere.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, they are known for providing affordable and high-quality fitness equipment to customers worldwide. Sunny Health & Fitness has been growing fast in recent years and it continues to be a popular brand in the fitness industry.

In addition, they also have a very active customer support community and are highly responsive.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine offers an efficient full-body workout, with a smooth magnetic resistance system and a large, easy-to-read LCD monitor to track your progress.

The machine features 8 levels of adjustable resistance, comfortable non-slip handlebars, a large and comfortable seat and a sturdy but responsive steel frame.

Recently re-designed, the SF-RW5515 is quieter than ever, with an improved, smoother magnetic tension system. Like most Sunny rowers, It also has a compact design for easy storage.

Actual Review
Actual Review
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I love my new rower! I discovered the benefits of rowing while doing cardiac rehab after having 2 stents put in! I knew I'd need one at home when the mandatory sessions ended. I use it every other day and I love how smooth it is with plenty of resistance for a guy my age!

Dual Function Rowing Machine (Sunny Health and Fitness)

What’s better than a rowing machine? A multi-functioning rowing machine.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5622 versatile and perfect for someone who wants to be able
to target different muscle groups than normally targeted with the row machine. The adjustable footrest allows you to stand up and use the handle to do an upright row, shoulder raise, bicep curl, or standing row.

It includes the same adjustable resistance and comfortable non-slip handlebars, and a sturdy steel frame for stability. Most dual functioning rowers sacrifice a little to accommodate flexibility, but the SF-RW5622 doesn’t compromise. You can get an amazing full-body workout from home without disturbing the neighbors or sleeping kids.

Actual Review
Actual ReviewLOVE LOVE LOVE!
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I love this rower. It makes me feel great when working out. Such a wonderful full body workout.

Magnetic Rowing Machine Synergy Power Motion Rower (Sunny Health and Fitness)

Compact Rowing machine For apartment

The Synergy Power Motion Rower takes it to the next level. This  quiet magnetic rowing machines has twice the resistance settings of the previous magnetic rowers and features both a device holder – perfect for a smart phone or tablet and water bottle holder. 

A large padded seat is sweat resistant and comfortable. If the workout is uncomfortable, at least your but will be comfy! Synergy Power Motion technology that allows for a more efficient and effective workout. Reviewers comment on its exceptional glide, and smooth ride. 

It’s also incredibly easy to assemble and can be easily folded, wheeled away, and stored.

Actual Review
Actual ReviewGreat Basic Rower
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This is exactly what I was looking for, a basic rowing machine with no frills to drive the price up. Seat is comfortable and smooth in movement, handle pull is smooth with no lag on the first few inches like on some machines, and good range of adjustable magnetic resistance

ECHANFIT Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine

This folding rowing machine is designed to save space, with a compact 4.3 ft² footprint when folded, It features a quiet, smooth magnetic resistance system and improved slide rail for a silent workout.

This machine targets 92% of your body’s muscles, with 16 adjustable resistance levels for a personalized workout experience. The heavy-duty steel frame supports up to 350 lbs and is suitable for users up to 6’6″ tall.

The LCD monitor tracks your time, distance, calories, and RPM to help you reach your fitness goals. The monitor holder is also adjustable for different heights, and the machine is easy to assemble with minimal maintenance required.

Actual Review
Actual ReviewWE LOVE IT!
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We decided on this model over others because my husband is tall and weighs over 250. This works for both of us. It doesn’t take much space and we can move it back and forth if we want to tuck it away when company comes. I felt tighter and stronger after just one day of using it and I’m more addicted to this then our pelaton.

MERACH Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Machine with Dual Slide Rail

The silent magnetic rowing machine is designed with a customized, smooth, and quiet magnetic flywheel system, ensuring a quiet workout without disrupting others.

The dual slide rail design provides stability and prevents flipping and shaking while rowing.

The machine can support up to 350 pounds, and is easy to assemble in 30 minutes. One of the great features is it can support rowers up to 6’7″ tall.

The MERACH Rowing Machine App offers a variety of workout courses and exercises to take your rowing experience to the next level. It is also compatible with the KINOMAP App, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature while rowing at home.

You can easily track your workout data such as distance, time, calories burned, speed, heart rate, and cadence using the App.

Real Review
Real ReviewWell Built Machine
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I have been using stationary bike for years. This rowing machine is better as it is a whole body training. Delivering was fast and assembly was easy. It is quite sturdy as it has two sliding tracks. The length of the machine fits me well as I am only 5'10". You can order extended track if you are tall person. It is quiet and runs very smooth. The max resistence is not high but enough for me. The Merach app can find machine easily but only for records not for adjustment of resistence. I tried Kinomap but the app looks not compatible with the machine as Merach is not listed. Anyway after using one week I do like this machine now.

YOSUDA Magnetic Rowing Machine

With 20 years of experience designing and producing top-quality exercise machines for home use, YOSUDA has worked with professional European engineers and has served over 1,000,000 families with all products receiving praise.

They offer a free return and refund within one month, two years for replacement parts, and 24 hour responses to all messages.

The silent magnetic resistance system creates a smooth and nearly silent rowing experience, making it perfect for indoor use without disturbing others.

It also provides a full-body workout, engaging 90% of muscle groups and is suitable for rehabilitative treatment, weight-loss, body-shape, and strength training.

It has a 10lbs flywheel and 8 level resistance, providing double the resistance levels of ordinary rowing machines, suitable for all fitness levels.

With a maximum weight capacity of 350 lb and height of 6’6”, it is made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel for durability and has a 49.2-inch slide length for comfort.

The LCD monitor clearly displays distance, rowing time, count, total count, and calories, and also includes a tablet holder for entertainment.

Real Review
Real ReviewSmooth operation and more quiet than they claim. Nice quality.
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We were looking for something that would give us more of a full workout in a simple design and found this rowing machine. It was rated well, claimed to be quite and smooth and had a discount that fit within our budget. After receiving it, assembly was easy, everything fit well without issue and directions acceptable for making this functional. It is VERY quiet in operation and works without any electrical hookup. The display screen is easy to see and use and powered by 2 AA batteries that I think will last a long time. We are very pleased with this rowing machine and would recommend this to anyone looking for a very smooth, quiet and substantial workout machine.


It’s not easy getting a quiet workout in. You need the right equipment. A quiet magnetic rowing machine is a great way to enjoy a late night, early morning, or nap-time workout without disturbing others. The silent resistance machines take little space and can provide a great workout.