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HIIT with Jump Rope: Shred Fat With These Calorie Crushing Workouts

Looking for a HIIT with Jump Rope workout? Stay tuned!

Jumping rope is an extremely popular method way to get and stay fit.

It’s easy to get started and extremely effective at raising your heart rate in a short amount of time.

As a busy dad, I can get a great workout in under 15 minutes when the opportunity arises.

Leveraging the principles of high-intensity interval training, HIIT with jump rope is a great vehicle for burning fat.

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What is HIIT?

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a type of exercise that alternates small bursts of intense activity with periods of rest or low-intensity. It’s used extensively by professional athletes and average gym goers to 10x their workout. The jump rope is a great way to perform a fat burning HIIT workout.

Benefits of HIIT

There are many of the well researched benefits of HIIT

Increased calorie burn: HIIT can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time than traditional steady-state cardio.Improved cardiovascular fitness: HIIT can improve your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles, which can lead to better endurance and overall fitness.

Increased muscle tone: Because HIIT involves intense activity, it can help build muscle and increase muscle tone.

Increased metabolism: HIIT can increase your metabolism, which means you’ll continue to burn calories even after your workout is over.

Improves Oxygen and Blood Flow: Improves circulation and blood flow, speeding up recovery and reducing resting heart rate.

The Science Behind HIIT

One of the key mechanisms behind HIIT is an increased production of hormones such as adrenaline and growth hormone. These hormones help to increase the body’s metabolism and promote muscle growth. The spike in hormone production is also responsible for the “afterburn” effect, where the body continues to burn calories even after the workout is over.

HIIT also causes your body to enter a state of “oxygen debt,” which leads to an increase in the number of small blood vessels (capillaries) surrounding the muscle fibers, which in turn improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles.

Another mechanism of HIIT is the activation of specific muscle fibers called type II muscle fibers, which are also known as fast-twitch fibers. These fibers are responsible for powerful and explosive movements, and are also more susceptible to muscle growth. By engaging these fibers, HIIT can help to increase muscle tone and strength.

Types of HIIT

Tabata: A type of HIIT that consists of 8 rounds of 20 seconds of intense activity followed by 10 seconds of rest.

EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute. At the start of every Minute, perform a certain amount of reps. Once you complete the reps, you can rest until the start of the next minute. For example, you may do 30 jumps and finish at :30, you have another :30 to rest until the next set of 30 begins.

Ladders: A type of HIIT that involves alternating periods of intense activity and rest that scales up then down in reps. For example, you may jump rope for 10 seconds, rest, 20 seconds, rest, 30 seconds, rest, 20 seconds, rest, 10 seconds..

Jump Rope HIIT Workouts

Don’t forget to warm up

Like any intense activity, it’s best to warm up first. Here is a simple warm up you can do in under 5 minutes.

10 Jumping Jacks
10 Squats
10 Jumping Jacks
10 arm circles (clockwise)
10 arm circles (counter-clockwise)
20 March-In-Place

Tabata Simple

(For Eight Minutes)
20 Seconds of Jumping Rope
10 Seconds Rest

Tabata Not-So-Simple

  • 20 Seconds of Jumping Rope
    • 10 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds High Knees
    • 10 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds Right Leg Jump Rope
    • 10 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds Left Leg Jump Rope
    • 10 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds of Jumping Rope
    • 10 Seconds Rest

Tabata Hard-Style

  • 20 Seconds Double Under Jump Rope
    • 10 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds Push-ups
    • 10 Seconds Rest
      (Repeat x 8)

Ladder Style

  • 20 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest
  • 30 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest
  • 60 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest
  • 60 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest
  • 30 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest
  • 20 Seconds Jump Rope
    • 20 Seconds Rest

EMOM Beginner

Complete 20 reps every minute for 10 minutes

EMOM Intermediate

Complete 40 reps every minute for 10 minutes

EMOM Advanced

Complete 20 double-unders every minute for 10 minutes


Make it your own. Feel free to take pieces from different workouts and create your own HIIT Jump Rope Workout. For example, you may do a Tabata for the first 4 minutes and then 10 minutes of an Emom.

Tracking Time during Workouts

Traditional phone timers aren’t as good at tracking HIIT timing needs. There are some great apps specifically for Tabata style workouts which alternate 20 seconds and 10 second periods. Tabata Stopwatch is a great app, but there are others as well. Healthline has a great review of some of the best.


Choosing a HIIT Jump Rope

When it comes to choosing a jump rope for HIIT workouts, there are a few factors to consider.

  • choose a rope that is durable and will last through many workouts. Look for ropes made of materials like PVC or nylon, which are sturdy and can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use.
  • choose a rope that is adjustable in length, so you can customize it to your height and preferred jumping style.
  • choose a rope that is a comfortable weight for you. Jumping rope wears out the shoulders. If you’re just starting, you’ll want to stay as light as possible.

Here are some of the best jump ropes for HIIT workouts:


Crossrope: Crossrope is a popular brand of jump rope that offers a variety of weighted ropes for different levels of intensity. Their ropes are durable and adjustable, and they come with a free app that provides workout guidance and tracking.

WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope: This rope is designed for speed and can spin up to 6 rotations per second. It has a lightweight design and a durable cable that can withstand frequent use.

RPM Session Rope: The RPM Session Rope is a durable and adjustable rope that is designed for speed and efficiency. It has a lightweight design and a smooth rotation that makes it easy to perform double unders and other advanced jumping styles.

Rogue SR-1 Bearing Speed Rope: This rope is designed for speed and has a smooth, fast rotation that makes it easy to perform double unders and other advanced jumping styles. It is also adjustable and durable, making it a great choice for frequent use.


Crossrope is an innovative company that aims to reinvent the jump rope for a fun, effective workout experience. They offer a system of weighted jump ropes that allows users to quickly and easily switch between light and heavy ropes, targeting different muscle groups and building strength in various areas.

One of the standout features of Crossrope is the convenience it offers. Users can take their workouts on the go with the free app, which provides access to hundreds of workouts straight from their phone. All of their workouts can be completed in under 30 minutes with minimal space, making them quick, convenient, and efficient.

Crossrope is also beginner-friendly, with a system that is designed for all fitness levels. The company provides easy-to-follow tutorials for those new to jumping or exercise altogether. They also offer a private fitness community of over 80,000 members, providing users with support and accountability to help them reach their goals.

The unique fitness challenges offered by Crossrope have helped many users achieve their fitness goals in as little as four weeks. They offer a premium service and promise to ensure customer satisfaction with their purchase.

One of the most notable products offered by Crossrope is the Get Lean set. This set includes slim handles, optimized for jumping with lighter ropes, a ¼ LB rope designed for high-intensity cardio and double under workouts, and a ½ LB rope designed for more challenging cardio and fat-burning workouts. The patented “Fast Clip System” allows for quick and easy rope switching, adjusting the intensity of workouts and the effectiveness of training.

The WOD Nation speed rope is a highly effective and versatile piece of fitness equipment that can be used by athletes of all levels. 

The WOD Nation jump rope features ballistic nylon resin handles and patented silky smooth liquid steel bearings for a smooth and efficient workout. Additionally, it has a kink-resistant nylon-covered steel cable for durability. The speed rope is designed to be used on a smooth surface to ensure longevity, and it comes with an extra replacement cable in case the original cable wears out. The manufacturer recommends against using it on abrasive surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

This jump rope uses a patented 4-bearing system with two bearings in the handle and two on the tips to hold the coated steel cable. The articulating swivel bearing handles are 6.75 inches long and have a tapered end for a comfortable grip. The handles also feature four high-grade metal ball bearings in nylon resin handles. The cable is a 2.5mm coated cable that can be easily adjusted with a cable cutter and comes at a length of 10 feet. A spare cable is included.

Additionally, the WOD Nation speed rope comes with a convenient nylon carrying bag to keep it organized and protected while on the go. Overall, the WOD Nation speed rope is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their fitness through jumping rope.

The Redify Adjustable Jump Rope ball bearing system that ensures a smooth and effortless spin, making it a great addition to any calorie-burning workout.

The PVC embedded wire rope is durable and smooth, ensuring maximum service life and avoiding cracking or breaking. It is an affordable home gym equipment that provides a fun and effective way to get in shape.

The rope is adjustable to fit different heights and features comfortable handles wrapped in soft memory foam, making it suitable for men, women, and kids. Additionally, it can be used for group exercises, providing a fun way to exercise with family and friends.

Jump Rope, multifun Speed Skipping Rope (Includes Calorie Counter!)

HIIT With Jump Rope HIIT


This jump rope is designed to provide an efficient and effective workout experience. It comes with an HD LED display that shows various metrics such as Timer, Weight, Calorie and Circles, which can help users achieve better fitness results. The steel rope is protected by PVC sheathing, which makes it more durable and ensures maximum service life. The anti-tangle jumping rope is adjustable to fit users of different heights, making it suitable for adults and children.

The multifun Jump Rope is designed to be smooth and fast, thanks to its built-in high-quality ball bearings that prevent twisting, winding or bending. It can bear heavy loads, making it a great choice for activities such as boxing, MMA and cross-training. The jump rope also helps to shape users’ cardio endurance, stamina, and speed while improving muscle tension in their whole body.

The handles of the jump rope are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and are non-slip, making it easy to hold and use. Users can also do skipping together with their family, making it a fun and enjoyable exercise experience. Overall, this jump rope is a good choice for those who want an affordable, durable, and effective way to stay fit and healthy.

Get Jumping!

Jump rope is a great option for HIIT workouts due to its high-intensity nature and versatility.

When choosing a jump rope for your workouts, look for a durable and adjustable rope that can handle different jumping styles.

Try incorporating different jumping styles into your routine to keep your workouts challenging and engaging.

With the right equipment and a commitment to regular exercise, you can crush your fitness goals!

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