Dad Strength

Got Dad Strength? Test it with these!

Yah you’re strong, but are you DAD strong?

Dad strength can’t be found in the gym. It’s found in the garage, on camping trips, on the farm, and during Sunday morning yard work.

Have you ever shaken a dad’s hand that was covered in calluses? You might be able to bench more, but when it comes to mowing the lawn, changing a tire, or climbing around in the attic, he’s got you beat.


What is Dad Strength?

First, let’s address the scientific perspective. According to extensive research in the field of “Dadology,” it is believed that Dad Strength originates from a combination of several factors.

One theory suggests that the mere thought of having to protect and provide for their little ones triggers a surge of adrenaline, pumping up their physical abilities.

Another hypothesis points to the daily lifting and bending motions involved in parenting, gradually building up a dad’s muscles over time.

Of course, there are skeptics who argue that Dad Strength is nothing more than a cleverly disguised form of selective memory on the part of fathers. 

Nevertheless, we choose to believe in the magic of Dad Strength! 

Whether it’s effortlessly juggling grocery bags, opening stubborn jars, or even enduring sleepless nights, there’s something undeniably impressive about the way dads tackle these challenges.

Gym Strength vs Dad Strength

When it comes to the bicep curl, I could probably ‘lift circles’ around my father-in-law. But when it comes to holding a piece of sheet metal between your fingers, moving an awkwardly shaped thing, or ratcheting a bolt while laying under a car – I’m a whimp!

So, if you’ve got Dad Strength, you’ve got ungodly grip strength, squeezing strength, and an unbeatable spirit.

If you want to give those things a test, and find out if you’ve got dad strength – here are some products that test it!


Digital Grip Strength Trainer

Digital Grip STrength Trainer Gym Strength vs Dad Strength

Challenge the dads in the pack for ALPHA and get a workout at the same time. This cool device measures your grip strength.  It’s shaped like a football, so its extra many. But don’t worry, the soft and cushiony feel will make sure your hands stay callous free =)


Can you crush shit? Real dads can. You might’ve seen this bad boy in some viral videos.

A power twister bar, also known as a torsion bar or chest expander, is designed to target and strengthen the muscles of the upper body, particularly the chest, shoulders, and arms. It looks like a medieval weapon and consists of a long, flexible metal bar with handles at each end.

The power twister bar works on the principle of resistance training. When you hold onto the handles and twist the bar, it creates tension in the metal, which in turn creates resistance against your muscles. The more you twist and bend, the harder it gets!

gotiness dad strength

Train your bear-hug with this beast.

With its four super-tough, high-grade steel springs, this device is built to last.

One of the standout features of this device is its compressed spring design, which offers a better range of motion compared to traditional power twisters. This innovation also eliminates any risk of rebound and breakage, ensuring a safe and effective workout experience.

In addition, the four springs work together to deliver a more uniform resistance output, stimulating your muscles more efficiently. With this device, you can take your spring workouts to the next level and achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively.

Got dad strength? 

So, do you have Dad Strength? Or do you just have ‘gym’ strength. Well, if you can master any of these products, you just might have what it takes!

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