Hydrow vs Concept2

Hydrow Vs Concept2: Which One is Worth It?

Hydro vs Concept2?

If you’re in the market for a high-quality rowing machine,  you may have come across two popular options: Hydrow and Concept2.

In this comparison guide, we’ll take a closer look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each machine to help you make an informed decision.

Hydrow Review

hydrow vs concept2

Weight: 145 Lb (66 kg)

Weight Capacity: 375 Lb (170 kg)

Measurements While in Use

  • Length (while in use): 86 inches (218.4 cm)
  • Width: 25 inches (63.5 cm)
  • Height: 47 inches (119.4 cm)

Measurements When Stores

  • Length (when stored): 25 inches (63.5 cm)
  • Depth: 33 inches (83.8 cm)
  • Height: 86 inches (218.4 cm)

The Hydrow is a sleek and innovative piece of equipment designed for individuals who want to experience a challenging workout from the comfort of their own home. It stands out from other home gym equipment due to its unique features that emulate an outdoor rowing experience.

The Hydrow features a 22-inch high-definition touchscreen display that delivers live, on-river rowing experiences that make it feel as if you are rowing on actual water. The machine offers live and on-demand workouts, with a vast library of workout content for users to choose from. Additionally, the Hydrow has an active community of rowers who use the machine to encourage competition and engagement.

The Hydrow’s reactive electromagnetic resistance is both frictionless and quiet, making it an ideal option for those who prefer a peaceful workout environment. The machine has front-facing speakers, a patented drag mechanism, silent strokes, and a 10-roller seat for a smooth rowing experience. The foot bed adjustment allows users to customize their foot positioning, ensuring optimal performance during each workout session.

The Hydrow also offers a range of workout content beyond just rowing, including yoga, Pilates, and strength training options. Via the high-resolution screen, users can access live and on-demand sessions, as well as scenic rowing workouts in real destinations. The machine is Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-enabled, and it has built-in speakers.

In terms of dimensions, the Hydrow has a length of 86 inches, a width of 25 inches, and a height of 47 inches when in use. When in storage, its width is 25 inches, depth is 33 inches, and height is 86 inches.


Hydrow vs concept2

  • Hydrow ProsProvides a realistic rowing experience, which mimics the feeling of rowing on the water.
  • High-quality 22-inch touchscreen display that is easy to use and provides access to various workout programs and scenic rowing destinations.
  • Offers a wide range of workout content, including live and on-demand workouts, mat workouts, and scenic rowing workouts.
  • The community aspect of Hydrow encourages competition and engagement, making workouts more enjoyable.
  • Has a sleek and modern design, with the ability to fold up for neat storage.
  • Compatible with the Hydrow app, which enables users to work out on the go and track their progress.


hydrow vs concept2 cons

  • The Hydrow is quite expensive, with a starting price of $2,495, which may be a barrier for some individuals.
  • The monthly subscription fee of $38 can add up over time and increase the overall cost.
  • Some users have reported technical issues with the machine, including software glitches and connectivity problems.
  • The machine is quite heavy and difficult to move around, which may be problematic for individuals with limited space.
  • Some users have reported that the machine is noisy and disruptive, which may not be suitable for apartment living or close quarters.

Concept2 Model D Review

Weight: 57 lb (26 kg)

Weight Limit: 500 Lb


  • Length: 48 in (122 cm)
  • Width: 24 in (61 cm)
  • Height: 14 in (36 cm)

The Concept2 Model D is a top-of-the-line indoor rowing machine that has been a favorite among fitness enthusiasts for many years. It is a commercial-grade machine that can provide an effective full-body workout, making it an ideal choice for home gym users, athletes, and fitness centers.

The Concept2 Model D is designed with high-quality materials that are built to last. Its sturdy frame is made of aluminum and steel, making it both durable and lightweight. The rowing machine is easy to assemble and its design allows it to be easily stored when not in use.

The Model D features an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable grip during the workout. The seat is padded with a comfortable material and the footrests can be adjusted to fit different foot sizes. The rowing machine also features a smooth and quiet chain-driven flywheel that provides a consistent and smooth rowing motion.

The Model D is equipped with an advanced performance monitor that tracks important workout data, such as distance, time, calories burned, and stroke rate. It also features preset workout programs that can be customized to meet specific fitness goals.

The rowing machine features air resistance, which means the resistance level increases with the speed of rowing, providing a more intense workout as you row faster. The resistance can be adjusted to meet the desired level of intensity.


Hydrow vs concept2 Pros

  • Durable and high-quality build that ensures longevity
  • Ergonomic design that provides comfort during workouts
  • Advanced performance monitor that tracks important workout data
  • Air resistance that provides a more intense workout as the rowing speed increases
  • Easy to store when not in use


hydrow vs concept2 cons

  • Higher price point compared to other rowing machines in the market
  • Requires a larger space to operate than some other indoor fitness equipment
  • Air resistance can make the machine noisy during intense workouts

Why would you choose the Hydrow over Concept2?

There are several reasons why someone might prefer the Hydrow over the Concept2:

Interactive experience: The Hydrow offers an interactive experience with live and on-demand workouts led by professional trainers, which can make workouts more engaging and motivating. The Concept2, on the other hand, does not have a built-in interactive experience.

Realistic rowing experience: The Hydrow is designed to mimic the feel of rowing on a river, with a reactive electromagnetic resistance system that is frictionless and quiet. This can make the workout feel more realistic and enjoyable. The Concept2 uses a flywheel and damper system that some people may find less authentic.

High-definition touch screen: The Hydrow has a 22-inch high-definition touch screen that can swivel up to 25 degrees, making it easy to follow along with workouts and adjust settings. The Concept2 has a smaller, less advanced monitor.

Smaller footprint: The Hydrow is slightly smaller than the Concept2 when in use, making it a good option for people with limited space.

Yoga and other workouts: In addition to rowing workouts, the Hydrow offers yoga, Pilates, and strength training options. The Concept2 is primarily designed for rowing workouts.

Why would you choose Concept2 over Hydrow?


Cost: The Concept2 Model D is generally less expensive than the Hydrow, making it a more budget-friendly option.

Simplicity: The Concept2 is a more straightforward rowing machine with a simple, no-frills design. It lacks the interactive, on-river experience that the Hydrow offers, but some people may prefer a more traditional workout without the distractions of technology.

Durability: Concept2 machines are known for their exceptional build quality and durability, making them a popular choice for commercial gyms and rowing clubs. The Hydrow is a newer machine, and its long-term durability is not yet fully known.

Performance Tracking: The Concept2 has a performance monitor that provides detailed data about your workout, including distance, pace, calories burned, and more. This can be useful for tracking progress and setting goals.

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