Treadmill That Stores Under bed

9 Best Treadmills That Store Under the Bed (2023)

The space conundrum is real! As urban spaces become compact, and the home fitness trend grows, the demand for space-saving and portable workout equipment is on the rise. Contrary to what you might think, treadmills can be one of those space-saving pieces of equipment. Modern treadmills can fit in a closet, under a couch, under the bed, heck – even under a desk. In this guide we will review the best compact treadmills that can store under your bed. 

Why Treadmills are a Good Investment

Treadmills are the staple of nearly every gym for a reason – they provide a great workout. A recent study demonstrated that out of the three popular cardio machines (bikes, treadmill, and ellipticals) treadmills were the clear winner, burning more calories and leading to better results in body composition. 

  1. Cardiovascular Benefits: Treadmills provide an effective way to boost your heart health, helping in improving blood circulation and increasing cardiovascular endurance.

  2. All-weather Workout: Rain or shine, hot or cold – a treadmill offers a consistent workout environment. This means no skipped workouts due to external factors.

  3. Weight Management: Regular treadmill workouts can aid in weight loss and weight management, thanks to the high calorie burn associated with running or walking.

  4. Joint-Friendly: Many modern treadmills come with shock-absorbing features, making them more forgiving on the joints than outdoor hard surfaces.

  5. Flexibility & Convenience: With a treadmill at home, especially one that tucks away neatly, you can work out anytime – early mornings, late nights, or even during breaks.

What You Should Look for in a Compact Treadmill

  1. Storage Design: Ensure the treadmill can be easily folded or disassembled to fit snugly under your bed.

  2. Sturdy Build: Compact doesn’t mean fragile. The treadmill should be sturdy enough to handle your weight and the rigors of a run.

  3. Motor Power: For smooth running and walking experiences, opt for treadmills that have at least a 1.5 to 2.5 CHP (Continuous Horsepower) motor.

  4. Track Size: Even if you’re buying a compact treadmill, ensure the track size is adequate for your stride length.

  5. Max Speeds. What is the maximum speed of the treadmill? Will you need to do sprints, or are you just looking for some light walking in the evenings or while at your desk.

  6. Advanced Features: Look for modern amenities like Bluetooth connectivity, built-in workout programs, heart rate monitoring, and an easy-to-read display.

  7. Safety Features: Automatic stop functions, safety key attachments, and handrails are essential for a safe workout experience.

Best 9 Treadmills That Can Store Under the Bed


Best For Runners: 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill

Most Portable: Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Best For Desk Walking: YOSUDA 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill

Best Value: Ancheer 2 in 1

Best Overall: 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill

1. Freepi Treadmill-2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

  • Max Speed: 7.5 MPH
  • Max Weight: 340 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 2.49 HP
  • Deck Length: ‎‎43 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎15.98 Inches

Freepi’s 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill is a versatile and robust exercise solution that flawlessly marries convenience with performance. With an impressive motor, a well-crafted running belt, and the bonus of no assembly, this treadmill is a fitting choice for those who prioritize efficiency and space optimization in their fitness gear.

Top Features:

  1. Ready-to-Use & Compact: With no assembly required, the treadmill is primed for use right out of the box. Its space-saving design ensures it easily fits into homes, apartments, and offices without occupying too much real estate.

  2. Mighty 2.5hp Motor: Driving this treadmill is a robust 2.5 Horsepower Motor. Notably, it supports a generous weight capacity of up to 340 pounds, accommodating a wide range of users.

  3. Superior Non-Slip Running Belt: Engineered with five layers of non-slip straps and sturdy column support, the treadmill promises an impressive grip. This intricate design significantly reduces impact, ensuring users enjoy cushioning for their knees, muscles, and joints.

  4. Convenient LED Display & Remote Control: The LED display offers real-time tracking of essential metrics like speed, distance, and time. Paired with the remote control, users can easily monitor and adjust their workout without the need for manual toggling.

  5. Exceptional Quality Assurance: Freepi stands firmly behind its product. With a strong focus on ensuring a premium user experience, they pledge commitment towards the development of safe, efficient, and comfortable treadmill products, backed by a dedicated support team.

best treadmill under bed storage
  • Max Speed: 6.21 MPH
  • Max Weight: 300 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 2.5 HP
  • Deck Length: ‎‎43 Inches
  • Deck Width: 16 Inches

The Sperax 2-in-1 Folding Treadmill stands out as an ingeniously designed fitness companion for those seeking both speed and convenience. Offering the flexibility of swift running and leisurely walking, it’s particularly tailored for those who wish to integrate exercise seamlessly into their work routine. With a wide belt, a dynamic display, and no installation fuss, this treadmill promises a comfortable and hassle-free workout experience.

Top Features:

  1. Versatile 2-in-1 Folding Design: A unique highlight of the treadmill is its dual function. Whether you want to indulge in high-speed runs or maintain a steady walking pace while working, this treadmill has got you covered.

  2. Broad Non-Slip Belt: The widened running belt is crafted for utmost safety and comfort, ensuring that users can jog or walk without any constraints or fear of slipping.

  3. Intuitive LED Display with Remote Control: The multifunctional display provides real-time tracking of essential metrics like speed, distance, time, and calories. The remote control further adds to the convenience, allowing users to adjust speed or halt the machine effortlessly.

  4. Robust 2.5 Horsepower Motor: This treadmill houses a potent motor that not only supports a maximum load of 280 pounds but also permits a top speed of 7.6 mph for running and 3.8 mph for under-desk walking.

  5. No Assembly & Compact Design: For those averse to lengthy setup processes, this treadmill is a dream come true. Arriving fully assembled, it can be used immediately post-unboxing. The foldable design ensures it’s easy to store, making it ideal for homes, apartments, and offices.

treadmill that stores under bed goplus 2 in 1
  •  Max Speed: 7.5 MPH
  • Max Weight: 265 LBS
  • Horse Power: 2.25 HP
  • Deck Length: 39.3 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎16 Inches

    The Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill is a groundbreaking portable treadmill. Offering versatility with its 2-in-1 design, the treadmill can seamlessly transition from a walking to a running mode, providing fitness enthusiasts with a myriad of exercise options. Accompanied by state-of-the-art features such as Bluetooth connectivity, a spacious running belt, and an ultra-quiet motor, this treadmill ensures both functionality and user comfort.

    Top Features:

    1. Innovative 2-in-1 Design: Unlike traditional treadmills, this model offers two distinct modes. With its riser folded, it functions as a jogging machine (0.6MPH-2.5MPH). Elevate the handrail, and it transforms into a full-fledged running treadmill (0.6MPH-7.5MPH). Plus, users can easily switch between mile and km units using the APP.

    2. Powerful & Ultra-Quiet 2.25HP Motor: Ensuring a peaceful workout experience, the robust motor doesn’t disturb surrounding environments. Paired with a shock-absorbing design and a durable frame, it promises quieter, safer, and more enjoyable workouts.

    3. 5-Layer Non-Slip Running Belt with LED Display: This treadmill boasts a spacious running area of 39.3″ x16″ that’s layered for non-slip and shock absorption, safeguarding your knees and muscles. The LED display, on the other hand, provides real-time data including time, speed, distance, and calorie consumption.

    4. Enhanced Connectivity & Control: Users can enjoy their favorite tunes or videos by connecting their devices via Bluetooth. The inclusion of a phone holder, remote control, and smart APP control adds convenience, ensuring full control over the treadmill and workout data.

    5. Compact & Easy to Store: Featuring a foldable design coupled with transport wheels, this treadmill is a dream for those with space constraints. The no-installation aspect ensures that it’s ready for use straight out of the box.

premium under bed store away treadmill asuna
  • Max Speed: 8 MPH
  • Max Weight: 220 Lb
  • Horse Power: 2.5
  • Deck Length: 49 Inches
  • Deck Width: 17.75 Inches

Sunny Health & Fitness’s ASUNA Premium Slim Folding Treadmill is a blend of sleek design and efficient functionality. The treadmill offers a plethora of features that make it a standout option for those prioritizing space-saving without compromising on features. Whether you’re tracking your steps, jamming to your favorite tunes, or simply moving it from one room to another, this treadmill encapsulates convenience and durability.

Top Features:

  1. Digital Monitor: Stay updated with your workout stats via the 4-window display. It efficiently displays time, distance, speed, and calories burned simultaneously. Moreover, the in-built pedometer is a great touch for those keen on counting their steps.

  2. Device Holder & Media Port with Built-in Speakers: The treadmill scores high on entertainment. The dedicated tablet holder allows you to mount devices while the 3.5mm headphone port lets you groove to your tunes through the treadmill’s integrated speakers.

  3. Slim Fold Design & Portability: One of the hallmark features is the treadmill’s ability to fold flat securely using the included folding key. Its low-profile design is perfect for sliding under various surfaces, making storage a breeze.

  4. Durable & Space-Saving Running Deck: Built to support up to 220 lb, the running deck (49L x 17.75W in) not only saves space but also has a shock absorption feature. This ensures reduced joint impact, offering a comfortable experience compared to hard outdoor surfaces.

  5. Innovative Folding Tool: The thoughtfully designed folding tool ensures that the treadmill’s durable frame can be folded with ease. Plus, the dedicated slot for the tool at the treadmill’s base ensures you won’t misplace it.

Sunny health and fitness folding incline under bed storage treadmill
  • Max Speed: 9 MPH
  • Max Weight: 220 Lbs
  • Horse Power: 2.2 HP
  • Deck Length: ‎49 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎15.5 Inches

The Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Folding Incline Treadmill stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and user convenience. Catering to fitness enthusiasts who seek a comprehensive, space-saving, and user-friendly treadmill, this model offers an impressive array of features. With a peak of 2.20 HP, speeds ranging from 0.5 to 9 MPH, and an incline adjustable up to 4.3%, it’s a versatile machine suited for varied workout intensities.

Top Features:

  1. Digital Monitor: Keeping track of your progress is made easy with the Digital Monitor that displays crucial data like speed, time, distance, calories, and pulse. The inclusion of a device holder allows users to follow along with fitness apps or watch videos from Sunny Health & Fitness trainers.

  2. Quick Speed Buttons: The treadmill’s handrail controls are thoughtfully designed. They are intuitive and offer start, stop, and speed adjustment capabilities. It’s noteworthy to mention the pause function, which lets users halt their run momentarily without losing their ongoing workout stats.

  3. Manual Incline: Customize your workout’s intensity with the three manual incline options. This feature allows users to mimic uphill running, providing a more challenging workout and targeting different muscle groups.

  4. Pulse Sensors: For those conscious of their heart rate zones, the built-in pulse sensors are a godsend. They ensure that you’re exercising at the optimal intensity for your fitness goals.

  5. Durable and User-friendly Design: Heavy-duty construction means this treadmill can withstand rigorous workouts, supporting up to 220 lbs. The soft drop system ensures a safe, scuff-free setup, while the transportation wheels provide easy movement and storage solutions.

3g fold flay 80i incline treadmill
  • Max Speed: ‎11 MPH
  • Max Weight: ‎325 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 3 HP
  • Deck Length: ‎‎58 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎‎18.5 Inches

Designed with runners in mind, the 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill combines innovation, convenience, and commercial-grade build quality. This offering from 3G Cardio, an Arizona-based brand with a stellar reputation in the fitness industry, is a trailblazer in design, allowing for unparalleled storage flexibility. Beyond its novel folding mechanisms, the treadmill ensures a high-performing workout experience.

Top Features:

    1. Dual Folding Technology: The 3G Cardio 80i Treadmill stands out with its unique ability to fold flat to a minimalistic height of 9.75 inches, facilitating easy storage under the bed. It can also fold vertically, with another set of wheels ensuring effortless mobility when not in use.

    2. Tailored for Runners: Billed as the sole folding treadmill designed specifically for runners, this equipment offers a generous 18.5” x 58” running belt, backed by a sturdy Ortho Flex suspension system that minimizes foot strike vibration. It supports a user weight of up to 325 lbs.

    3. High-Performance 3.0 HP Motor: The treadmill’s 3.0 Horsepower motor ensures a smooth and consistent performance even during rigorous running sessions.

    4. Intuitive 80i Fold Flat Console: The user-friendly console features a large, clear display, showcasing vital metrics such as an active 1/4 mile track. Additionally, the 1-touch speed and incline keys facilitate seamless transitions during workouts.

    5. Comprehensive Workout Options: The 3G Cardio 80i provides diverse built-in programs, including pre-programmed courses, fitness tests, and options to custom tailor one’s workouts.

    6. Entertainment at Its Best: No subscriptions are needed to optimize the user experience. The treadmill boasts built-in speakers to enjoy music, allowing users to connect their devices for an immersive experience.

ANCHEER Portable Treadmill Compact Treadmills
  • Max Speed: 7.5 MPH
  • Max Weight: 265 Pounds
  • Horse Power: 2.25 HP
  • Deck Length: ‎‎40 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎16 Inches

The ANCHEER 2-in-1 Under Desk Treadmill offers an innovative and flexible workout solution for home gym enthusiasts. Built by ANCHEER, a trusted brand with 12 years of industry experience, this treadmill showcases a combination of design efficiency, versatility, and top-tier functionality. With user-friendly control methods, a powerful motor, and a durable build, this treadmill provides a holistic and high-quality workout experience.

Top Features:

  1. 2-IN-1 Versatility: This treadmill’s design allows it to be used both as a regular running treadmill and as a walking treadmill under a desk. With its dual speed modes, users can choose to walk at a pace ranging from 0.6-2.5MPH or run up to 7.5MPH.

  2. Quadruple Control System: ANCHEER takes control to the next level by offering four methods – a tactile Alec touch screen, a wrist-mounted remote control, an interactive APP, and convenient physical buttons.

  3. 7-Layer Shock Absorbing Belt: The treadmill’s belt incorporates 7 layers, including built-in silica gel columns, which provide optimal shock absorption, ensuring protection for your knees and joints.

  4. Powerful and Quiet 2.25HP Motor: This silent motor offers impressive power, supporting speeds from 0.6 to 7.5mph. It’s 40% more energy-efficient compared to other treadmills and can support a user weight of up to 265 pounds.

  5. HD LED Display: Users can easily track their exercise metrics in real-time, with the LED screen displaying time, speed, distance, and calories burned. The treadmill also offers 12 exercise programs and 3 countdown modes.


THERUN 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill


  • Max Speed: ‎7.6 MPH
  • Max Weight: 265 Pounds
  • Horse Power: ‎2.5 Horsepower
  • Deck Length: ‎ ‎43 Inches
  • Deck Width: ‎17 Inches

The THERUN 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill is a perfect combination of innovative design, powerful performance, and user-friendly features. With the flexibility to be used both as a regular treadmill and an under-desk walking pad, it offers a complete workout solution for those with varying space needs. From its robust motor to its expanded running belt, the THERUN treadmill delivers on all fronts, promising an efficient and effective workout session.

Top Features:

  1. 2-in-1 Versatility: THERUN’s design supports its dual-use nature. With the handle folded, it functions as an under-desk walking pad with speeds ranging from 0.6-3.8mph. When the handle is raised, it transforms into a full-fledged treadmill with speeds up to 7.6mph.

  2. 2.5HP Quiet Motor: This powerful motor is a standout, providing speeds of 0.6-7.6 MPH. This surpasses many competitors who typically offer 2.25HP motors with lower maximum speeds. Moreover, its quiet operation ensures minimal disturbances, making it suitable for both home and office environments.

  3. Widened Running Belt: The treadmill offers a spacious 43″ x 17″ non-slip rubber running belt, providing users with more freedom and safety during workouts. This is comparatively wider than many other treadmills that offer only 15” or 16” belts.

  4. LED Touch Screen and Digital Display: Modern and intuitive, the LED touch screen on the riser provides easy control during runs. Additionally, the LED display on the running board offers real-time tracking of metrics like speed, distance, time, and calories burned.

  5. Robust Build and Weight Capacity: The treadmill boasts a sturdy steel frame and a 5-layer tread board, which supports up to a genuine weight of 265 lbs. This underscores the product’s quality and durability.


THERUN 2 in 1 Under Desk Treadmill
  • Max Speed: 4 MPH
  • Max Weight: 265 Lb
  • Horse Power: 2.5
  • Deck Length: ‎ ‎‎43 Inches
  • Deck Width: 17 Inches

YOSUDA’s 2 in 1 Treadmill is a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating versatile, space-saving, and high-quality fitness equipment. This dual-purpose treadmill, designed for both walking and running, offers an innovative solution for those seeking an active lifestyle without the constraints of space. Its user-friendly design, coupled with durability and advanced features, make it a worthy addition to any home or office.

Top Features:

    1. 2-in-1 Versatility: This treadmill offers the flexibility of both traditional and under-desk usage. Whether you’re seeking an intense run or a gentle walk while working, this machine caters to both.

    2. Space-Efficient Design: Perfectly tailored for smaller living spaces, its slim design allows for seamless storage under beds or sofas. With the added wheels, moving it around becomes a breeze, eliminating any strain.

    3. Silent Operation: The upgraded 2.5HP motor guarantees a quiet workout experience. This ensures you can walk or run without any disruptions, especially if you’re using it in an office setting.

    4. Durability: YOSUDA prioritizes longevity. With its advanced cooling system, the treadmill promises stable motor output, protection against overheating, and thus, an extended lifespan.

    5. Safety and Spacious Running Belt: With a considerable belt size of 43”x17” and a weight capacity of 265 lbs, the treadmill is suitable for a broad range of users, ensuring a safe and unrestricted workout.


  • How much space should I allocate for an under-the-bed treadmill?
    Consider both the storage size and the functional size (when it’s open and in use). Usually, a storage width of about 30 inches and length of about 70 inches should suffice for most models.

  • Can I run at high speeds on a compact treadmill?
    Yes, but ensure the treadmill’s motor is powerful enough (preferably 2.5 CHP or more) to handle high speeds without overheating.

  • Is maintenance difficult for foldable treadmills?
    Not necessarily. Regular dusting, belt adjustments, and occasional lubrication are generally all that’s needed. Always refer to the user manual for model-specific guidelines.

  • Are under-the-bed treadmills costly?
    The price range varies. Compact storage features might hike up the price a bit, but you can find affordable and mid-range options that don’t compromise on quality.

  • Is there a compromise on the motor strength given its compact size?

While many under-bed treadmills have slightly less powerful motors than traditional ones, they are still suitable for walking and light jogging. Always check the horsepower (HP) rating.

An under-the-bed treadmill is an epitome of modern convenience – compact, practical, and highly effective. While making your purchase, prioritize functionality and durability over anything else. A well-researched investment can provide years of good health and fitness right in the comfort of your home. Happy running!

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