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Best Alternatives to Thesis Nootropics (Less Expensive and More Effective)

I recently wrote a review about my experiences with Thesis – The nootropic brain boosting supplement and self-proclaimed cure for ADHD. My findings? I wasn’t super impressed.

Plus, at the current price tag of over $100 a month, it might be an instant NO for you.

So if you’re looking for some alternatives to thesis nootropics, I’ve got more than a few.

Why I was Interested in Thesis in the First Place

As a busy father of three young kids, I feel like I’m always at my wits end. Between the tantrums, early mornings, sleepless nights all while balancing a hectic work-from-home schedule – I was FREAKING exhausted. 

My head always hurt, and I felt like I could fall asleep at any minute. It was taking a toll on my work too – I couldn’t focus enough to get anything done.

That’s when I saw an ad for Thesis. I thought “here’s my answer” it’s like the limitless pill. I ordered a month’s supply. Well, It didn’t work for me – so I started looking at some alternatives. Here are some options I found much more effective

The Thing About Thesis Ingredients

In my review, I called out the ingredients in Theses nootropics. Here’s the thing – they are all pretty common in most energy drinks, pre-workouts, and other energy supplements. In other words, there is nothing so special that you couldn’t find anywhere else or even buy the individual ingredients for yourself. That’s what I tried.

Best Alternatives to Thesis

Mushroom Supplements

If you want to take advantage of the well documented cognitive benefits of Mushrooms, I recommend sticking to a simple mushroom extract.

Lion’s Mane Extract by E2H – Fast acting and liquid, I like putting this in my coffee or just mixing with my water. It’s fast acting and keeps me calm.

Cordyceps Extract – This ones a powdered extract that I’ve tried a few times – it’s not bad and has many of the same positive effects of other mushroom supplements

Reishi Extract – Another fast-acting liquid and natural Reishi extract from Earth 2 Humans.

Genius Mushrooms Capsules – I’ve been using genius mushrooms for a few months and I can honestly say they’ve done more for me than Thesis. Genius mushrooms combine 500 MG of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Reishi.

I’ve tried all of these, and while I can’t say they changed my life – they were much more affordable and I could say I get positive, lasting energy

Mushroom Coffee – I’m a big fan of mushroom coffee, but I only like the non-instant kind. I like my coffee brewed like a normal person. 

Organic Pre-Workouts

At the end of the day, many of the ingredients in Thesis can be found in a pre-workout or energy drink. I’ve found that a scoop of preworkout in the afternoon or morning helps me stay more focused than regular coffee – it doesn’t have to be just for working out!

Here are a few I’d recommend.

  1. Superfood Pre-Workout by Organic Muscle – What stands out to me the most is the transparent approach to ingredients. With 20 nutrient-dense superfoods and herbs, including Organic Maca, Turmeric, Beet Root, and Green Tea Matcha, this pre-workout truly lives up to its promise of providing clean and sustained energy. I appreciated being able to pronounce everything on the label – it’s a testament to their commitment to quality.
  2. Garden of Life Sport – Organic Energy– What captured my attention most is the intentional focus on mental clarity. With 85mg of organic coffeeberry fuel, this energy powder isn’t just about physical stamina; it’s about honing mental focus during workouts, which is a game-changer.
  3. MRM Nutrition Organic Pre-Workout Powder – The incorporation of adaptogens for reducing fatigue and stress, all without resorting to stimulants, is a refreshing approach. It indicates a consideration for holistic well-being rather than just a temporary energy spike.

Other Supplement Alternatives to Thesis

  • Neuro Health by Nature’s Craft. The mention of Bacopa monnieri, Licorice root, Magnesium, and Chromium picolinate caught my attention. These ingredients, known for their cognitive benefits, add depth to this brain booster supplement, promising to naturally combat brain fog and bolster cognitive clarity.
  • Peak + Valley Nootropic Brain Support Supplement. Designed to enhance focus and memory, this supplement seems like a great fit for various scenarios – from tackling long meetings without distractions to boosting creativity during afternoons. It promises to be a reliable aid for those looking to maintain mental sharpness.

The transparency in sourcing is commendable. Knowing that the creator, Nadine Joseph, personally travels to select family-owned organic farms to source botanicals speaks to the commitment to quality. This dedication not only ensures high-quality herbs but also establishes mutually beneficial relationships within the farming network.


In my review of Thesis – The nootropic brain boosting supplement, I found it fell short of expectations, especially considering its high cost. Seeking better alternatives, I explored various options.

Simple mushroom extracts like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi, along with mushroom-infused coffee, provided more effective and affordable cognitive benefits compared to Thesis.

In the realm of pre-workout supplements, brands like Organic Muscle, Garden of Life Sport, and MRM Nutrition not only energized me physically but also prioritized mental clarity and overall well-being, making them compelling alternatives.

Moreover, supplements like Neuro Health by Nature’s Craft and Peak + Valley Nootropic Brain Support Supplement offered notable cognitive enhancements.

In the end, my journey beyond Thesis uncovered alternatives that proved to be more cost-effective and impactful, delivering the sustained energy and focus I was seeking.

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