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Best Mushroom Coffee K-Cups/Pods

My Keurig is my most used appliance in my house – sometimes I feel like the 4th or 5th cup isn’t doing anything for me at all. That’s why I was recently interested in trying out mushroom coffee – could this be the answer to my waning afternoon energy?

Unfortunately, many popular brands don’t offer a “pod” or “k-cup” version of their coffee, so it was hard for me to give it a try.

Over the last few months, I’ve purchased a few of the most popular mushroom coffee pods and wanted to share some of my experiences.

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Four Sigmatic ‘Think’ Organic Coffee

Four Sigmatic has actually been around since 2012, where they originally started selling instant mushroom coffee on Amazon. People thought they were crazy – after all – who wants to DRINK mushrooms?

Since then, they’ve become one of the most popular coffee sellers on Amazon, receiving thousands upon thousands of glowing 5-star reviews. I had to try for myself.


  • Organic Ingredients. One of the things that stood out to me was the organic packaging and ingredients. Four Sigmatic really carries their brands as being someone that cares about health, nature, and the environment. I appreciated that they sourced their ingredients organically.
  • Taste. For being a coffee with mushrooms – It wasn’t awful tasting. As opposed to a product like RYZE, the mushroom coffee includes primarily coffee grounds with mushroom extract – Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Rhodiola. I found that even black – it wasn’t far off from your average cup of coffee and with a little bit of oat milk, it was divine.
  • Energy Effectiveness. I felt a more subtle and calmer energy, while it still got me out of my morning slump. I might’ve just been falling for the placebo effect, but I didn’t really feel the need for more than one cup.
  • Variety. If you’re planning to buy the pods, you can choose from a few variations – “Think”, or “Think” high caffeine each with their own combination of mushrooms and herbs.


  • The only critique here is that I wish they offered larger quantities instead of just the 10 count. At that count, the price per ounce is pretty steep.


Like many coffee products on Amazon, you’re given the “subscribe and save” option with Four Sigmatic 12-count. Without it, it’ll cost you $15.36

Organic Mushroom Coffee Pods With Lion’s Mane by Fit and Focused

best mushroom coffee pods

Fit and Focused is a relatively new company (2020) and started here in my home state of Arizona. There organic mushroom coffee pods with Lion’s Mane has been growing in popularity, so I wanted to give them a shot as well. 

DISCLAIMER: While Fit and Focused claims their coffee “burns fat”, I did not evaluate any of these claims


  • Bold, but Smooth. If you like stronger coffee, you’ll probably like this one. I found that it was pretty bold, but had a nice smooth finish. 
  • No stomach issues. Sometimes I get cramps, or the urgent need to use the restroom after a cup of coffee – especially bolder ones. I didn’t feel affected after drinking Fit and Focused.


  • Not 100% Arabica. They say it’s 100% fresh beans, but I hope ALL coffee comes from coffee beans, right? This likely means they are using a variety of beans sourced from different areas of the world. I prefer my coffee single origin.


  • Fit and Focused is $14.89 for a 15 count, which makes it cheaper than Four Sigmatic

Bulletproof The High Achiever Pods

Finally, pods that come with a greater count than 15. Beyond that, the Bulletproof coffee brand is reliable, and I had actually tried some of their grounds before. 


  • A lot of caffeine. There is much more caffeine than your regular cup of coffee – 175 mg to be exact. It goes a long way, especially with the added B vitamins and Lion’s mane extract.
  • Taste. You can’t taste the mushrooms at all, which unsurprisingly is a big plus in my book. It just seemed like your average, if not better than average coffee. 
  • Cleaner ingredients. BulletProof says that they “test” the ingredients for toxins, but I don’t know what type of bean they use. It looks like they are sourced from Guatemala, so at least that’s a step up from some other mushroom coffee brands.


  • Pricey. These k-cups will cost around $1.50 a pod, which is a better value than Starbucks but still a little expensive.


  • The 10 pack is $14.99 and the 24 pack runs $34.99

SOLLO Dark Roast Chaga Mushroom Coffee Pods

SOLO Dark Roast Best Mushroom Coffee Pod

SOLLO’s Dark roast was surprisingly pleasant. These gluten-free, organic, and 100% Arabica coffee pods are worth a try.


  • 100% Arabica. This was the only mushroom coffee I found that specifically stated it was 100% Arabica beans – which typically means higher quality.
  • Weight Loss Reviews. If one of your goals is weight loss, several reviews stated that they had lost weight while drinking.
  • Less hunger. I noticed I had high energy with a curbed appetite. 


  • Flavor. The coffee didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste as good as some of the others.


  • A 24 pack will set you back $34.95 on Amazon


In the pursuit of an energy-boosting and health-conscious coffee fix, mushroom coffee pods have emerged as an intriguing option. As a regular Keurig user, I sought a remedy for my diminishing afternoon caffeine kick. The concept of mushroom-infused coffee held promise, and after trying several brands, I’m excited to share my findings.

Four Sigmatic’s Think Organic Coffee stood out with its organic ingredients and surprisingly palatable taste. Its gentle, sustained energy lift was a welcome change, though the limited pod quantity was a downside.

Fit and Focused Organic Mushroom Coffee Pods with Lion’s Mane offered a bold yet smooth flavor profile without the usual stomach issues that sometimes accompany coffee consumption. While it wasn’t 100% Arabica, its affordability and enjoyable taste made it a worthwhile option.

Bulletproof’s The High Achiever Pods packed a caffeine punch with B vitamins and Lion’s Mane extract, all while delivering a taste that masked the mushroom presence. Though pricier, it’s a solid investment for a potent morning jolt.

SOLLO’s Dark Roast Chaga Mushroom Coffee Pods focused on 100% Arabica beans and hinted at potential weight loss effects. While the flavor might not have been top-notch, its health benefits intrigued those seeking more from their cup.

In the end, the world of mushroom coffee pods is diverse, offering options for various tastes and wellness goals. Whether you’re drawn to organic allure, bold flavors, boosted caffeine, or potential health perks, there’s a mushroom coffee for you. 

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